David Díaz

To the memory of my good friend and clarinetist Kalman Bloch

Welcome to my Clarinet Studio Page

Thank you for your interest in clarinet lessons!

1) "I am a double (sax/clarinet/flute) and would like to learn more about how to control my clarinet tone. Basically the tone I have now is very, dull, and flat or a very reedy bright tone. Can you help me develop a good clarinet tone?"

Yes! I diagnose various causes of bad clarinet tone and give you the tools to create whatever sound you like. I believe in being able to produce the sound you want with the equipment you own. My last resort is to change your equipment setup.

2) " I do not have much money. Can we work out a special payment plan?"

As a person who grew up without much money, I am more than happy to work something out. To me, the importance of teaching music to a younger generation far outweighs the monetary compensation. If you have a concern, lets talk it out.  

3) "I am a high school student who doesn't know what pieces to play for my upcoming college audition. Where can I go for help to train for my audition?"

Considering that I've taken my fair share of auditions, I can teach you the difference between someone who tries and someone who wins! I take every student and help them create a special training schedule to deal with any audition.

Private Lessons available in Southern California. Contact me for details.
Please contact me for current rates and availability.
Venue for Lessons:
1) I do offer students the option of taking lessons at my studio or
2) Lessons at your home. (A surcharge is added to cover transportation costs)
What to do:
1) Send me  contact information 
2) Write me a short description of your clarinet goals (college auditions, clarinet competitions, better tone/technique)
3) Give me your preference for date/time of our lessons.
IMPORTANT:  Special scholarships are available to deserving students. 
If you are interested in private lessons please click on the above CONTACT ME.
Thank you!